Welcome to Strategic Initiatives

The mission of Strategic Initiatives (SI) is to create a supportive transition into an inclusive community where students feel a connection with each other and staff. Our goal is to provide freshmen with the strategies and resources needed to see success and equip them to use these tools throughout their academic careers.


The program anchors freshmen:

  • Academically by providing workshops and academic plans to foster academic success.
  • Socially by providing engaging activities that are also educational.
  • Informatively by providing resources and information needed to meet requirements.

What We Offer:

  • Track persistence of first- time, full-time freshmen up to the fall semester of sophomore year.
  • Develop intervention programs specifically designed for first-time, full-time freshmen.
  • Provide kudos to those freshmen that are performing well.
  • Monitor enrollment of continuing freshmen.
  • Develop workshops to provide holistic academic support.
  • Develop academic plans for students that are on academic alert.
Dawn Latiker

Michelle Latiker

Director of Strategic Initiatives


Email: dawn.m.latiker@zjceso.com

Phone: (601) 979-2827

Terrell Cole

Terrell Cole

Retention Specialist


Email: terrell.l.cole@zjceso.com

Phone: (601) 979-0206


Academic and Outreach Services

H.T. Sampson Library

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